Always make sure that you use the best labels!

Genuine Garvey pricing gun labels are clearly marked as the real thing. Look for the Garvey logo on the center core, the wax paper backing and the plastic sleeve cover.

Does it make a difference?  You bet!  If you find that your labels are jamming inside of your pricing gun, are shooting out when you pull the trigger handle or aren’t sticking to you product, you may be using inferior quality off-shore labels. They aren’t worth it when you have to use twice (or more) the labels to get your products marked or have to continually stop to clear your labeler or to reload.

Garvey labels come in standard colours and sizes and can be custom printed with your special message or logo.  Call for more information on labels you don’t see in our list below.  We can help.
Label Colour Swatches

*Note – Colour swatches shown are computer generated.  Actual colour may not be exact match.

One FREE replacement ink roller is included with each sleeve of labels (except 29mm and 37mm wide labels)